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La recepción de tu Business Cards será vía correo electrónico, en el cual se te dará la bienvenida y en el cuerpo del mail se agregara la liga url (link) de tu Business Card.
In a period not exceeding 48 hours. once the documents have been sent in their entirety.
The user has the right to make 2 changes per year, which can be in the fields of personal and company data, images and video (if the theme includes it).
Yes, our development is linked to social platforms, just one click away from your Business Card.
Every year we will be sending you a reminder to renew, this renewal will have exclusive benefits and promotions for our customers.
Once you are part of the Business Cards Group when you purchase your digital card, you will be integrated into the Database; a complete and vast directory where you will find the people and companies that are part of BCG in order to connect with the Business Cards Group community.

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